Master of Public Health Study Program (S2 IKM) UGM has a vision to become a leading research-based educational institution in the field of public health to advance national and global development.

This program uses a Semester Credit Unit (SKS) system with a study load of 40-50 credits including a thesis that weighs between 8 credits. Teaching and learning activities focus on improving the ability of students in the fields of science, research, managerial and practical skills in the field. These activities include lecture activities in the classroom, tutorials, assignments, research seminars, field activities and the use of websites and information technology. Graduates of this program will get the title Master of Public Health (MPH).


This program has several specializations that can be selected by prospective students. Further information about each specialization can be obtained by choosing one of the interest options available below.

Maternal and Child Health & Reproductive Health (KIA-KR)

Public Health Nutrition

Field Epidemiology